High Elevation Weather Station Network


We are actively expanding the existing network of remote High Elevation Weather Stations in British Columbia. High elevation weather stations contribute to hydrometeorologic observation which is vital for natural resource science and management, as well as climate change analysis for scientific and operational communities. Our weather stations are located in three main regions: Haida Gwaii, Central Coast, and the South Coast. This map shows our station locations, with information on elevation and earliest data collected for each station.

Our Weather Stations continuously collect data for: snow depth, total precipitation, rain, wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation. Near real-time data from our weather stations across coastal BC are available here (check out the interactive graphs). We have preset graphs for each station, these display the past 7 days for Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Rain and Snow amounts, as well as Wind speed and Direction (as wind roses) for the past week and past 24hours. The Interactive Graphs section allows you to customize the view of our weather station data by selecting any combination of data pairs and altering the time scale display.

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