Russell Creek Watershed, Northern Vancouver Island

Russell Creek is a sub-basin within the Tsitika River Watershed, on Northern Vancouver Island. It is the site of long-term ecological research. The Russell Creek Watershed project originated from the need to determine if forestry-related sediment transport in the Tsitika River had a negative effect on a protected whale-rubbing beach at the river mouth (it did not). Since 2003, research has focused on the Stephanie Creek sub-basin of Russell Creek. Check out the publications at the bottom of the page to read more about research conducted here.
Forest harvesting as well as climate change effect the hydrology of steep forested slopes. We began to study the Russell Creek Watershed to measure hydrologic responses to land-use. Streamflow during storms and rain-on-snow events changes in response to forest harvesting and associated landscape modifications such as road building, avalanches and landslides. Hillslope and stand-level interception processes have been studied. Current research includes stand level interception recovery, channel morphology, preferential flow rates, and climatic observation. We have established a network of hydrometeorologic stations to measure the spatial variation of weather within the watershed, and to collect long-term climate data. Additionally, snow courses are performed regularly during the winter months.

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